Articles with Music


The following is an easy reference index of items on this website which are specifically concerned with Music or Liturgy.

Passover Niggun (April 2007)
This is a short original composition for solo voice, a setting of the text
“From A Narrow Place I called to God.
He answered me by giving me his wide-open freedom.”
Psalm 118.
You can see it HERE.

Bar Yohai Piyut
This is a transcription of the melody of the hymn in memory of Shimon Bar Yohai with links to translations. This item is found in the article “The Holy Fire of Bar Yohai” (April 2007)
You can view it HERE.

Birkat Kohanim 2007
This is the simple melodic version of my original setting of the text of the “Priestly Blessing” (May the Lord bless you and keep you.) The article includes a score and links to audio files. It is found in the article “The Priestly Blessing” (June 2007).
You can see and hear them HERE.

New Music for the Birkat Kohanim 2009
This article contains a new choral and congregational arrangement of my original setting of the Priestly Blessing. The use of the score and audio files is free when used in Jewish liturgy or personal prayer. I would be delighted to hear of its use if you would care to let me know via my email address in my profile.
You can access the complete scores and the sound files HERE

The Voice of the Shofar (Sept 2007)
This article contains an online liturgy with audio files of the Jewish New Year Shofar calls. It is intended for use by isolated Jews who would otherwise not be able to listen to the call of the shofar.
You can read and hear it HERE.

Kedushah-So far and yet so near (June 2009)
This article contains a poetic reflection on God’s paradoxical Immanence and Otherness as presented in the Kedushah prayer of the liturgy. (Holy Holy Holy).
You can read it HERE.

Inner Sight - Aug 2010
This article is a reflection on insight and imaginative intuition in contemplative prayer. It contains the music and lyrics of an original children’s song on this theme which was written for British Primary School children in Jakarta in 1991.
You can read and hear it HERE.

Azamra: Doing Our Best - Nov 2010
This article  discusses the Psalm verse "I will sing with the the little I have left" drawing on the Breslov tradition.  It includes a new setting of that text in a "klezmer" style in score form.
You can read the article and view the score HERE.