Sinai in our Hearts (May 2013)

The visions of Isaiah and Ezekiel have provided Jewish sages, mystics, and scholars with profound material for philosophy, theology, and countless methods of contemplative prayer. They have inspired esoteric mystical associations and entire schools of Jewish mysticism.

But there is nothing in the visions of Isaiah or Ezekiel which surpasses the experience of every Jew present at Sinai.
( Exodus 19:9)

At Sinai our nation was betrothed to its G-d.  All the souls of Israel past,present,and future stood there, and we all consented to receive the Torah even though we did not know its details.

 At Sinai we all saw the Voice of G-d as He laid Torah on our hearts.

Some of it was heard but has not been verbalised. Some of it was seen but has not risen into our consciousness. All of us heard it in our own way and each of us is commanded to write our own torah as a result of what we heard. We are all invited to listen to that Voice. All of us.

There are those who go down in the Chariot and there are those who are engaged in the Work of Creation. There are those who climb Sefirotic Trees and those who manipulate the Holy Letters. But there is a simple path for simpler people.

 There is one essential process to arrive there: Stand still.
 There is one essential activity to perform: Listen.

We stand still whenever we take time-out for a while: silencing the clamour of restless over-activity in order to offer the prayer of silence itself.

We listen by making that special time the opportunity to come into contact with the "still small voice" that may sometimes bear with it an echo of the Divine. 


On Shavuos we say
 “Na’aseh v’nishmah” 
 (We will do, and we will hear)
 with all our heart and soul— 

May we accept the yoke of Torah anew and thus begin to listen out for the Voice of Sinai as it speaks its universal yet individuated message to each and every one of us, each and every day....if only we would listen. 

(from Kuntres M'arat Ha-Lev)