Poem: At the End of Bereishit - (January 2012)

“I wait for your salvation, O Lord”
(Genesis 49:18)

Sometimes we have to just get out there and do things.
To be the Hand of God ourselves and make things happen.

Other times we know we are just being asked to wait:
-For the right moment,
-For the missing piece of a jigsaw,
-For the help of another human-being.

At all times,
-Whether we are engaged in action
or in incubation
-Whether we are trying to fight our own battles
or despairing that we might never be able to enter the battle-field on account of our fear;

-Whether we are doing our best to help someone we love,
or just feeling frustrated that we can do little more than offer a hug or some verbal support;

In all these times
it is always HaShem alone who “saves”.

It is only in His Strength that we are empowered;
Only in His Love that we are able to be generous;
Only in His Mercy that we can be as kind to ourselves as we are trying to be to others.

In the end
Everything is God.

Our task is to “wait” on Him as servants and children

Whether we see ourselves as active or passive
“Doing it for ourselves”
“Expecting His signs and assistance”

It’s always His action anyway...

In the end
Everything is God.

(a Reflection on Parashat Vayechi)
N R Davies
January 6 2012
(posted Motzei Shabbos after Havdalah)