Jewish Monastic Renewal: An article for Zeek Magazine (October 2010)

"What do you do if you are a Jew who wants to live a life which is totally dedicated to contemplative prayer in a religion which usually promotes intense social and communal activity?  What do you do if you want to live a solitary life when the Judaism around you stresses the pre-eminent duty of having children and living in families to ensure the survival of both the tribe and its religion?  What do you do if you are not attracted to the legal, teaching, and leadership roles of the rabbinate yet feel a strong call to be in a professional state of intentionally-dedicated and community-sanctioned contemplative practice?  Expressing that on one leg:  What do you do if you feel called to be a Jewish monk or nun in a religion which has no existing monasteries? " 

Those were questions which I asked myself....and recently, Zeek Magazine in the USA  asked me to write an article for them  to share my answers and thoughts on this subject.

You can read the full article on their website HERE