Passover Niggun (April 2007)

From a narrow place I called to God.
He answered by giving me His wide-open freedom.


Min hametzar karati Yah
Anani vamerchav Yah


These words are taken from one of the Hallel Psalms which are sung at the Passover Seder.

In 1993 I set these words to music. I say “set these words to music” but in fact they came out as a spontaneously improvised niggun…. more or less as you see them in the notation. I am posting a little early this month just in case any musical readers might like to use it in the seder next week.

Here is the score.
(To read it clearly you will need to click on the graphic and open it in a new window)

I am tempted to try to make some thoughtful comments on this remarkable text. It is one which has followed me about almost daily since I first heard it and I obviously find it moving and poignant or I would not have let it burst out in song.
Maybe that says it all. I’ll just give you the score and leave it at that. Enjoy the freedom. Happy Passover!

Guide For First Time Visitors (April 2007)

(or Why is this blog different from other blogs?)

If you are a First Time Visitor you may be a little confused by the format of this Blog. Let me explain: The Contents index does not contain journal entries on independent topics….it contains links to the serialised text of “The Cave of the Heart” . This means that you should read the posts i to vii as being a continuous document…..because that is actually what they are.