Cave of the Heart (v) PART TWO (The Invitation)

2a: The Invitation

It begins as a gentle but insistent sense that He is giving us an invitation to meet Him.
 So simple, and yet so easily ignored or discounted as “merely our imagination”hence His insistence. 

It is not a special gift for the chosen…it is an invitation for everyone.
 It just embarrasses us to admit we sense it. Possibly out of personal reticence, 
or maybe, and quite justifiably, we are simply rather afraid of it and its implications.
We can find many excuses to ignore the invitation or postpone its acceptance, or face its moment…
 It may however, be an invitation to share in the kind of listening 
which is the most essential part of the tikkun process and if so,
 then that should be proclaimed from the roof tops.
Actually, it is proclaimed. It is called keriat Shema: the proclamation of His Name.

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Every day, morning and evening,
the Jew is encouraged to proclaim the statement:

Hear O Israel, YK-VH is our God, YK-VH is One.
(Shema Yisrael, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad)

In the congregational recitation of this prayer, focus on performing this type of hearing/listening can be rather difficult but by no means impossible.

From within the cave of the heart in individual prayer it can become a contemplative event. There it becomes more of an action or a process than a text to be recited.

Responding to the invitation to “know before whom we stand” and to listen to what He might have to say can best be done in solitude. It feels very personal, and it is…even though the One inviting is not a person.

All very paradoxical……but less so if you let “Him” take the lead.

Be still
and know that I am God

Psalm 46:10

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